Monday, December 29, 2008

the postwar boom

In 1947 Mademoiselle magazine launched "Living for Young Homemakers". The young postwar generation was moving out of their parents homes and searching for a life to call their own. They were faced with limited incomes and a huge housing shortage, and Living showed them how to handle those issues creatively. 

Some articles in their 1st issue:

We Live in a Barn, and Love It!

A Garage is Our Castle

I Live with My Family

Space is Where You Find It

This woman and her husband live in a converted stone garage.

"Penny and Pete Find an Apartment and Furnish It"

"...four whole rooms!"

I think maybe that generation had the right idea...

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lea said...

it's so interesting to read old magazines because they exactly capture a certain time and attitude. the front cover image really says it all. thanks for sharing!