Tuesday, December 30, 2008

birds and a fox (?)

A little (ahem) Christmas present to myself - Chan Luu bird shell pendant necklace from ebay for a significant percentage off.

Russian ring holder. The birds are made of a soft stone called honey selenite.

A tiny antique button that I hope to make into a ring. It was hard to capture, but the background is dark green celluloid.

Odd little British regiment clip that I also found on ebay.


lea said...

great finds! especially like the fox...no surprise i guess : )

lea said...

on second thought it looks more like a wolf i think...but still just as nice!

Munted kowhai said...

I love that shell necklace. The colours on it is just so amazing!
Hobbling in your boots is no good. Boots are like jeans, inexplicably difficult to find a great pair!!
I have to catch up on your postings since the holidays, you have been quite busy!

Laura said...

lea - he does look quite lupine now that you mention it!

puiyi - ugg. don't even get me started on jeans!

kendalee said...

Oh what lovely goodies! I'm all in favour of presents to oneself :) Love the little ring holder... Never seen anything like it.

cake. said...

that fox/wolf/dog pin is TOPS!