Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new years (eve) to you, happy birthday to me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years! 

I was born on this day in Pasadena, CA. The Rose Bowl Parade route ran between us and the hospital, which caused my parents some stress, but luckily I decided to arrive a few hours before the parade start. Otherwise I would have most likely been born in our car.

Anyway, I am mentioning my birthday as an excuse to show off a most excellent present:

A lovely necklace from the uber talented Puiyi of Munted Kowhai!

I would like to thank my husband for following my gentle guidance (I've given him guidance ever since the one notorious year that I received a set of tires).

And I would like to thank the awesome Bliss blog for introducing me to Puiyi's creations.

Here's hoping 2009 treats us well. Hope and change are on the way!


Munted kowhai said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!
I'm glad you love the necklace and your husband sure knows your taste. :)

Perhaps I should be ever so gentle in my hints for my birthday...

kendalee said...

Gorgeous necklace!

Happy, happy Birthday to you! How wonderful that your personal new year and the calendar new year coincide... There seems something very special about that. Not to mention all the fireworks that go off in your honour each year ;) Enjoy!

lea said...

happy birthday laura and happy new year! wow the necklace
is fabulous!

mette/ungt blod said...

my sisters birthday is the 30th and she always threw a big party for new years! i hope you had a wonderful birthday! i love the necklace (and wow! tires are such a bad gift :) )