Wednesday, December 17, 2008

leaving the house for the 1st time in days

In my defense the weather has been icy and gross. It's still icy and gross, but I was driven out in search of food. I prepared for the cold in head to toe ebay finds: $500 Tocca wool and silk coat for $50, J. Crew hooded sweater for $20, Gap jeans for $10, $180 Michael Kors gum soled wedges for $17, and $250 Ananas bag for $25.

 I even found my wedding ring on ebay - a $50 dollar gold and citrine one circa 1930. Yep, I am the queen of thrift!

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Munted kowhai said...

I did not go to work today because of ice but am going to try tomorrow because I can't afford to miss toooo many days of work. (I would rather stay at home and craft!)
be careful out driving miss thrify queen!