Tuesday, February 3, 2009

kids today

There is so much great art out there that depicts children and the haunted world that they inhabit. Our cultures are becoming less innocent and distinct, and we find ourselves increasingly removed from the traditions and stability of the past. Some of our best artists are incorporating these issues into their work. Their images have a beauty and sweetness to them, but often the sweetness is curdled with an air of menace, melancholy or isolation...

Recovery is a Discovery. Caroline Hwang

I Learned That With You. Caroline Hwang

Snakes. Jen Corace

Your Legs Grow. Katherine Chiu

Watch You Grow. Katherine Chiu

Playing Dead and Taking a Nap. Ramis Kim


lea said...

beautiful illustrations, where do you find all these lovely things?

Laura said...

ha. whenever there's free time i just keep following links until i'm not even sure where i am anymore...kind of like Alice going down the rabbit hole :)